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About us

Archipelago Partners provides Nordic institutional; eligible counterparties and professional investors, access to both traditional and alternative investment managers, based worldwide and focused on different asset classes, geographies and investment strategies.


We have carefully select the international investment managers we represent based on a range of criterias – quantitative and qualitative. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors and Green Infrastructure are in focus.


Fixed income



What we do

Archipelago Partners market our select international managers and provide information and service to Nordic investors acting as an extension of the investment managers’ business development, marketing and client service teams.


Archipelago Partners act on behalf of our carefully select asset managers and receive our remuneration from them. The fee structure is variable depending on the nature of the services provided to our clients the asset manager.

Investments are made directly in the asset managers’ funds and there is no formal contractual business relationship between the investor and Archipelago Partners. Information provided by Archipelago Partners is not independent or investment advice, nor do we receive or transmit orders. Archipelago Partners assist the investment managers with the marketing of their funds and help servicing their clients.
A complete list – across asset classes and regions – of our Investment Managers is available on request.

Archipelago Partners AB (559049-7441) is authorized and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) as an affiliated representative of Svensk Värdepappersservice AB (556324-5447).

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Skeppargatan 27, Floor 4
114 52 Stockholm, Sweden

+46-8-25 40 60


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