Archipelago Investments


Archipelago Investments is an independent investment management firm focused on alternative investments and asset allocation

Archipelago Investments provides independent investment management – Archipelago Capital Management, including; Archipelago Asset Allocation – a globally diversified asset allocation strategy, Archipelago Multi-Strategy – a portfolio of Alternative Investment Funds and Archipelago Single Strategies, currently including – Chelonia Market Neutral Fund and Archipelago Equities.

Archipelago Investments Fund Incubator is actively looking for Start Up or Emerging Fund Managers. The Fund Incubator search for highly experienced fund managers who are either in the start-up phase and are not yet regulated or where they need to be structured as an investment manager to a regulated fund management company.

Archipelago Investments use FCG Fund Management as Fund Platform. FCG Fund Management, offer a full-service solution for both UCITS-, and Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs).

Nordic Archipelago Investments AB is authorized and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen).




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